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Poker Odds Range Calculator

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This is the donate version with the same features of the free version, but with no ads.Poker Odds - Range Calculator is the fastest and most accurate winning odds calculator app for Texas Hold 'em poker. Unlike other calculators, Poker Odds - Range Calculator gives you the exact equity results, instead of using the less accurate "Monte Carlo" approach, which only gives you approximate odds.
Poker Odds - Range Calculator was developed based on the world's most sophisticated equity calculation software and comes loaded with a number of advanced features, including:
✓ calculating the odds (equity) for a range of hands and for specific hands
✓ easy-to-use, intuitive interface
✓ adjustable number of players
✓ selectable calculation mode: choose between a complete evaluation for precise odds or the Monte Carlo approach for approximate odds
✓ select a range of hands from a table or through percentages (e.g., top 10% of hands)
Best of all, Poker Odds - Range Calculator is completely 100% free!
Improve your poker accuracy and download Poker Odds - Range Calculator now!
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